My Mount Everest

I set out on this journey almost a year ago to find my way back to reclaiming my life and body that showed all the effects of life, bad choices, and not putting my health as my core focus.

I learned a lot: I learned about detaching from the things that aren’t important and making room for the things that are. I learned that every choice I make sets me on a path leading somewhere -the path can sometimes be slower or easier but not fulfilling, the path can sometimes can take you on a detour, but ultimately I’m heading toward something.

This time I choose to head towards LIFE.
A life that can begin right now. I am not getting back just a life, but a new life, full of hope and promise.

I am down to the last 30 pounds of my long journey to health and wellness. And all of my supporters tell me there’s no need to continue further because I am already there. I appreciate those kind words because I know that they come from a place of LOVE.

But I set out to push myself further than I ever dreamed and go beyond my comfort level and reach my ultimate Mount Everest.

Now‘s not the time to cruise into the finish line, now‘s the time to dig my feet in deeper and climb up that summit to see the beauty that awaits on the other side for me.

Are you climbing your own Mount Everest? I’d love to hear about it – so please share with me in the comments or email me at so I can cheer you on as you reach your summit.

xo, taraocity

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