Does any one out there experience themselves going from sleep to awake in the morning? For me, I just suddenly realize I am awake. No alarm clock, I just become aware of my surroundings and that I won’t be going back to sleep. It’s usually the same time, between 6:15 and 6:30am or just a little after.

I’m not sure why I am writing this, except that I this blog has been asleep, and now it’s not. I thought at first I would plan my posts, finish updating the design, and start on a predetermined date to go live. But now I realize that I am never going to get started if I just don’t do it.

So here it is, no fancy flat lays, no carefully crafted blog post to boost my SEOs, no catchy tags. Just write, Tara. WRITE SOMETHING. For 3 years you have penciled in on your calendar a day of the week to write. A date with your creativity. You have broken it all but 2 or 3 times tops. And as I sit here about to write a note on my website that relays that my blog is under construction, I just felt the need to write. Write something.

Ciao for now,



Belly Laugh

When is the last time you belly-laughed? A real good, can’t stop till tears are in your eyes belly-laugh? Earlier this week, I got caught in a huge rainstorm. Running to the truck, I couldn’t see, my hair and clothes plastered to my head and body, and all I could do is laugh. Felt so good, I realized I can’t remember the last time I did.

The Blank Space-PART One

You know when you dig thru a dresser drawer and discoverĀ a long lost favorite sweater? The one you wore almost every day, whether you needed to or not. The one that you made your own personal style, and somewhere you lost it and didn’t even realize how much you missed it. Well, I am not talking about a sweater, I am talking about something much more intimate.

As long as I can remember I kept a planner of some sort. It started with the free little calendars I picked up at Hallmark each year (do they still make those?), or the checkbook size one I received in my stocking at Christmas. I jotted down my oh so important moments that only a junior high school girl could understand. I tracked everything (the mundane to the deeply personal. I wasn’t a diary kind of girl but I liked to have a place and time of my day to chronicle my life. As I left college many years later, I evolved to a real agenda planner, in all shapes and sizes and delighted with glee opening (today we call unboxing) my new year’s agenda kit of calendars, tabs, dividers and etc., laying out like a world map of possibilities on how I can organize and create a sacred space of my daily life.

Now with the digital age I have long lost my way from paper planning to Apple iCal and like minded apps to data dump all the family appoints, and the rest resides in chaos of plethora of sticky notes and list littering all over my desk and stuffed in my handbag.

I miss having a place to organize that only an agenda, a space to create harmony of daily life. A place of calendars, to do lists, goals, menus, project planning, workout goals, and important things to remember or to put if you can’t remember could be written with your favorite pen, and best quotes snake along the page edges to inspire and challenge.