Summer Wrap Up-


List of Summer Lovin’:

  1. Strawberry Pickin’ with Punkin’
  2. Em’s first movie at the Alamo-Monsters U
  3. The Solstice Rickey made with best friend on her new porch
  4. Shark Teeth hunting on Chesapeake Bay Beach
  5. Sunsets from our deck
  6. Rides with the top down on the Beetle (first summer)
  7. Brandi Carlisle concert at Wolf Trap
  8. Blueberry Pickin’
  9.  Movie nights in the home theater
  10. Baltimore Grand Prix on Labor Day week



IMG_3417The Soltice Rickey:

  • Mint muddled in bottom of glass
  • crushed ice half way
  • Half shot of CapRock Organic Gin
  • Teaspoon of Lime juice
  • Teaspoon of Agave Nectar
  • Top with Tonic Water
  • Stir, garnish lime
  • Cheers



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