Jaw Breaker, part 2

So here I am six weeks post-op double jaw surgery for my overbite. I can’t believe I have come through it so quickly. Here is a recap of my adventure:

Day of Surgery, September 3, 2013

I was actually not nervous about the pain or surgery itself, just how it was going to impact my family. I prepared as best as I could. I posted a YouTube video the morning of leaving for the hospital: Double Jaw Surgery

Pre-surgery profile

I was surprised I wasn’t as swollen and bruised yet, and even with the plastic splint banded in between my teeth, I was still able to talk, although not understood. I had plenty of pain medicine in my anesthesia cocktail and was ready for a long nap. After about days 3-5, I experienced horrible hunger and weakness from either not being able to get enough nutrition or lack of desire for any liquids—which is all I can eat!

1 week post-surgery

So, after two weeks the surgeon removed my splint and I was given the ok to slowly return to soft, pureed food—NO CHEWING! Some that have double jaw surgery may have different experiences than I did, but my surgeon said my Class II overbite was pretty textbook and the swelling and healing was going well. The ice packing paid off!


New-profile, swelling still going down
New-profile, swelling still going down

At weeks 3-4, nerve and muscle spasms began to give discomfort and headaches through out the day and night. Since I weaned back on the liquid pain medicine to use only at night, I have enough to get me through those weeks.

And here we are week 6: Doc gave me the thumbs up to start chewing normal foods and stretching my jaws to get my mouth to open wider. I celebrated with my first salad: IMG_3968

Thanks for joining me on my journey so far. More updates later and if you have an experience to share or questions to ask, drop me a comment below!

Ciao for now,




  1. How very brave you were to prepare for, and undergo this surgery! I am amazed at your patience, determination, and swift recovery—not to mention all your grace along the way. I’m certain you’ve inspired and perhaps helped elevate the confidence of others who are considering the same procedure. Well done!

    1. Thanks Stephanie! I can definitely count as my biggest blessing all the love and support from friends and family:) I felt very vulnerable at times in the early days of recovery, but I never felt alone. So my wish is that anyone who sees this and is going through it too, knows I am here to offer my support. Each day brings new discovery in what the human heart is capable of experiencing and embracing, even pain. Namaste :-:

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