1. Stephanie

    The first time I heard of this was in your blog today. Have you done this for many years? From my brief online research, it appears this elf, on so many levels, could very well be a home wrecker. It seems like the Flat Stanley project, only domestic, destructive, and at times perhaps a little demonic!

    • taraocity

      I had planned to start this year, but the season came on so quickly and I forgot. But my punkn’ will survive without Elf on a Shelf more than missing out on the day to day stuff. I love Pinterest and Facebook for inspiring great ideas, but sometimes it can overwhelm or add unnecessary guilt. If I could add one bit of advice to all—it’s spend time with your family, don’t focus on how your decorations or cookies or gift wrapping abilities are, just BE with your loved ones. SIMPLE AS THAT. Thanks for sharing your comment!

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