go straight to pinterest jail

A trend is going around Social Media these days that I feel the urge to address. It’s the silent Holiday Joy Killer that has left many parent in Pinterest Prison these days and I am hoping that justice will free these poor souls.  And the poster bad boy for this societal ill is a brat in a red suit that leaves parents shivering and shaking in the middle of the night.

Who is this punk?


Image via Centerpiecephoto on etsy

Oh, don’t let this innocent angel face fool you—he’s a holiday joy killer, and it’s the parents who fall victim to Facebook post and Pinterest boards on how much fun this will be for you and the family are just fooling you.

You will wake up in the middle of the night realizing you forgot to move this lazy brat around the house.

You will stare at your coffee guilty about not moving him for the last three days. You are definitely going on Santa’s naughty list that to that tattletale elf.

You will curse buying this thing for how much time you stressed over failing as a Pinterest-Perfect Parent—no repins for you!!

I wanted to start this tradition this year and I forgot to buy it. I am not worthy to be creative or even responsible enough to adopt him or his elvin’ mischievous ways.

And in the spirit of stressfree holidays……I am OK with that.

DISCLAIMER: If you are having a blast…or not, with Elf on a Shelf-and want to share your experience and pics, please post in the comments and leave a link to your website.




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