1. Ash

    Four movies – 4) “under the Tuscan Sun”- for travel and willingness to change your situation and Diane Lane is gorgeous. 3) Star Wars- a new hope. The title says it all. 2) The Godfather – for Romance. Most people don’t consider this a romantic movie but the underlying game of keep away/ cat and mouse what have you is intoxicating. And 1) Lethal Weapon for the laughs. Again most people don’t consider this a comedy but really it’s the relationship the fellas have together that no matter how many times Murtaugh is “too old for this…” He keeps at it. Ditto for parenting.

  2. taraocity

    Great choices!
    Mine are: 1) Rear Window—all time favorite, 2) Forest Gump—my quotable fav; Chocolat—eye candy; Braveheart—I know it’s a long one, but I melt at the love Wallace had for his bride and dying at the end. 4) Something about Mary—Coen Bros. laugh fest

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