A silent rush came over the house. The air felt so thick with it. And from the other side and floor of the house I could feel my husband frozen in place. It was 8am on the first day of the year and I have already broken my goal for this year. “Keep…your….temper,” I could hear the caterpillar in Wonderland chide.

My daughter wanted more bubbles, excuse me, BIGGER bubbles in her bath. And before I even realized it, I screamed at her for throwing another temper tantrum.

This is going to be a long year. image

When I pondered my goals for this year, I thought of the usuals–health, manage finances better, etc. Or start a new hobby. But what I knew I needed was to stop yelling. PERIOD. My daughter started calling me mean. That sad face started to show more and more. The one you just know signals I am imprinting a solid memory in her childhood. I felt so ashamed. I couldn’t even make it though the first day.

The reason why I do it is really irrelevant. All that matters is it has to stop, and it has to be cold turkey. And here is where I will be accountable.

Do you have goals for this new year? I would love to support you as you could for me.


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