Our Bumper

Bumper, 2000 to 2013

The day we said goodbye for now to you broke my heart, my diva hound, Bumper. When I came into your and your daddy’s life, I knew how much important it was to gain your love and respect. I will never smell the grass grow or enjoy a bluer sky without missing you. xoxo



Here are just some of albums due to release this month that I am looking forward to checking out. If you want to give a shout out to an album I have not listed, but want me to check out, please post in the comments below and thanks!


January 7

Peter Gabriel—And Ill Scratch Yours



Stephen Makumus and the Jicks—Wig Out at Jagbags



January 14:

Switchfoot—Fading West [Full Album]



Broken Bells—After the Disco 


Painted Palms—Forever


Against Me!—Transgender Dysphoria Blues


 January 28:

Dum Dum Girls—Too True




Links in this post go directly to the artist website, not to an affiliated or third party site. To give the most love to an artist, try to purchase directly from their website first and from their recommended third party sites. If you wanna put even more love into their pocket, attend a live gig and buy merchandise there. 


Ciao for now,