Somehow I must’ve missed the memo that spring cleaning has been over for a month and a half now. I have made a commitment to do a complete declutter in my life. And how am I doing this summer? Well…it’s not going as smoothly as I hoped. But I have not given up and learned alot about myself and how I get in my own way sometimes in completing my goals:

  1. I get lost in the details. Whether I am designing a new organizing system, or sorting through a bin of baby clothes, I will spend too much time in creating the ideal environment to declutter or how I should do it. My intention for doing my process this way is to make the final actions go more efficient, but now I have piles of unfinished projects sitting around.
  2. I put an unhealthy attachment on other people’s sentimental stuff. This one has become a revelation of mine as I became the keeper of my mom’s possessions. I have no direct attachment to her personal memorabilia, but I have had a difficult time separating myself. Especially her letters. My mom had the most beautiful handwriting, and it’s hard to part with any of it. I even saved her last checkbook register, the last words she wrote before her critical stroke. Although it’s perfectly fine to hold on to some of the things that mean the most to me, I have to let go and not feel guilty about it.
  3. I don’t set a deadline. I have found in my professional life that I thrive on having a deadline. If I give myself a time limit, I won’t have time to over think or over analyze. I will complete more projects, and the momentum will give me the boost to keep with it.


I have come to the realization that if I am to achieve my goal to a simpler, uncluttered life, I have to ask myself when faced with a choice, “Does this choice (or activity) help or hinder my goals?”

When I decided to have a business card for my blog and social media connections, I could have spent way too much time in the design of the card. Even though I have the ability and tools to create a card for myself, I could have been lost in picking the right font, possibly still to this day. I decided it was worth my time and energy to hire a designer to collaborate one with me. It was the best decision I made and I am so happy how it turned out.

This path I have chosen is about doing and being, not about being wrapped up in the process, distracting me from my dreams. Sometimes that means making the tough choices, but the freedom on the other side is worth everything.

Ciao for now,


What areas in your life are you lost in the details? Is that helping or hindering you from your dreams or goals?

This has to be my favorite time of the summer—berry pickin’ season! It is punkin’s third summer of our trips to Orr’s Farm Market, a 1000 acre orchard and farm that has remained in the Orr Family since the 1930’s. It is one of my favorite family traditions and I smile to think one day as woman she will look at me and muse, “Mom, remember our trips to Orr’s?” She will remember the wagon that takes us to the berry patches (a free treat) and how beautiful it looks in the Shenandoah Valley amongst the orchards. The only sounds are the laughter and giggles as I chase her through the rows. It is….magic.


Now that the temperature is climbing, my morning coffee becomes an iced one. Making iced coffee is simple for me: You fill a tumbler 2/3 with ice, put in your cream and sweetener to taste (my preference is french vanilla creamer, no sugar), pour a fresh brewed cup over and voila! Cafe Heaven….


As a special treat this morning I topped my Seattle’s Best Iced Coffee with the blueberries picked from yesterday’s outing. This is a recipe I can enjoy all berry pickin’ season with sweet cherries, raspberries and blackberries….yumm!

I’d love to hear about your favorite summer family traditions. Drop me a comment below or post on my twitter or facebook page to be entered in a drawing for a Seattle’s Best tumbler and a bag of coffee! In your comment use the hashtag #HotIced for an extra entry. Winner to be drawn on July 5. Enjoy!

Ciao for now,